Relais & Château in BRITTANY 

Olivier Bellin’s Restaurant

Temporary closure until spring

Dear Guests, Colleagues, Suppliers, and Friends,

For medical reasons I am required to temporarily leave the kitchens.
Thus, the Auberge des Glazicks will be closed exceptionally until the spring, when it will be my great pleasure to see you all again.
Concerning gift sets offered in 2018, their date of validity will be extended an extra six months.

Thank you all for your loyalty,
Olivier Bellin

Relais & Château in BRITTANY 

Olivier Bellin’s Restaurant

L'Auberge des Glazicks

Between Menez Hom, a magical Celtic mountain, and the bay of Douarnenez, looking out over the Atlantic ocean, the Breton village of Plomodiern is home to L’Auberge des Glazicks by Olivier Bellin. A family home created in 1870, it is now one of the foremost addresses in the region. 

Seaside hotel in Plomodiern

Just a few minutes from Quimper or Brest, it has become an unmissable stopover for those who want to understand the essentials of Brittany. Olivier Bellin has taken a traditional path through cuisine which tells a story about the region of Finistère, which he proudly promotes. With a remarkable sense of balance, he invites visitors on a journey to the depths of the ocean and the best of the surrounding region. Enjoy an experience offering unforgettable memories.

“Everything starts in Finistère” 

Incredible sunsets, storms along the cliffs - a constant spectacle offering unique emotions.

Olivier Bellin


Come and enjoy the peace and quiet of L'Auberge des Glazicks

Waking up facing the bay, away from the choppy waters - the offering by Olivier Bellin at L’Auberge des Glazicks.

The colours are soft, the materials wonderful to touch, a romantic or sophisticated setting, not forgetting the terraces and balconies which offer an exceptional view. A dreamy place for a stay which brings you one step closer to utter bliss.

“I like to combine meat and fish products from Brittany.

My food tells a story about Finistère, which is very dear to me and unique worldwide”

Olivier Bellin